Hanoi's “City for Peace” helps accelerat the growth of the city and foster the development of municipal heritage values.

The view was emphasized at the conference titled “Hanoi – City for Peace, 20 years of Integration and Development” held in Hanoi this mid-July, which was among a chain of activities to celebrate 20th anniversary of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)’s recognition of Hanoi as “City for Peace”, July 16, 1999 – July 16, 2019.

Local talks with foreigners at the pedestrian zone of Hoan Kiem Lake. (Photo: Thuong Nguyet/Hanoimoi)

Local talks with foreigners at the pedestrian zone of Hoan Kiem Lake. (Photo: Thuong Nguyet/Hanoimoi)

The conference saw the attendance of nearly 100 representatives including the central and municipal authorities, professors, experts, historical researchers, diplomats, people who had participated in the drafting of the dossiers for UNESCO to recognize Hanoi as "City for Peace”, as well as representatives from embassies and international organizations.

The conference aimed to review the city’s achievements through 20 years of being granted the title based on criteria such as equality in the community, sustainable urban growth management, living environment protection, cultural and educational promotion, citizen and young generation education.

At the event, participants also proposed some ideas to help the city handle issues related to urbanization and social problems, to improve lives of the local people and concurrently promote Hanoi’s culture, enhance the pride of locals of the title.

Head of UNESCO’s Office in Hanoi Michael Croft said that one of the most impressive achievements of the city is maintaining its warmth and friendliness despite achieving significant economic growth over the past two decades.

He also said that Hanoi has become more outward and dynamic as the city is accelerating international and regional cooperation. The city has also applied to join in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Indonesian ambassador to Vietnam Inbnu Hadi expressed his view that Hanoi has expanded its boundaries as well as its population since 2016 when he arrived in Vietnam to start his tenure. The city has also successfully combined the cultural diversity with strong economic development, but still ensures its social security.

Hanoi became one of Jakarta’s sister cities as of 2004 and the city’s achievements are highly valued by other countries worldwide, Hadi said.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the city’s recognition as City for Peace, Hanoi also held music performances at Ly Thai To square, Hoan Kiem district with the participation of some famous singers and music bands performing songs praising Hanoi and Vietnam.

By Ha An/Hanoitimes