Thousands of apartment owners have lived there for many years without a red book as the state offices said this project is not eligible for the red book. (Photo:

Thousands of apartment owners have lived there for many years without a red book as the state offices say this project is not eligible for the red book.

On August 29, the People's Committee of Hoang Mai District said according to the direction from the People's Committee of Ha Noi, this district required the People's Committees of Dai Kim and Hoang Liet wards and related state agencies to collect proposals from buyers on handling violations in construction and granting of red books at the CT11, CT12A, B and C apartment buildings of the Kim Van - Kim Lu new urban area developed by the Private Construction Enterprise No 1 Dien Bien Province under the Muong Thanh Group of Le Thanh Than.

Residents at HH Linh Dam apartment projects in Hoang Liet Ward have also faced similar problems. They include apartments at VP3, 5, 6 buildings of Linh Dam Peninsula Urban Area and at 12 buildings of the HH Linh Dam Apartment Complex (HH1A, B, C; HH2A, B, C; HH3A, B, C and HH4A, B, C).

A representative of Hoang Mai District People's Committee told Tien Phong (Vanguard) newspaper that the People’s Committee of Hoang Mai District was scheduled to submit to the municipal People's Committee a report on results of collecting buyers’ opinions about those issues as soon as possible.

The project of HH Linh Dam office for lease, commercial and housing complex in the Hoang Liet Ward was only allowed to cover 27 floors. However, the investor built up to 36 floors at the HH4 buildings and 41 floors for HH1, HH2 and HH3 buildings, much higher than the approved plans.

This situation also happened at the VP3 Linh Dam building in Hoang Liet Ward and CT11, CT12 buildings of the Kim Van - Kim Lu urban area in Dai Kim Ward.

Previously, the People’s Committee of Ha Dong Districts had a similar survey from hundreds of residents at the CT6 apartment building project in Kien Hung Urban Area of the Bemes Production and Import-Export JSC under the Muong Thanh Group.

The majority of residents said handling the investors was the responsibility of State agencies but it must ensure the rights of home buyers.

They said if the city’s authorities would not permit them to keep the buildings, the investor must refund buyers and also pay compensation.

The residents of the CT6 apartment building also recommended clarifying the responsibilities of individuals and organisations that had loose management and covered up violations.

The CT6 apartment building was built without a licence and had not submitted blueprints to the authorities. All the apartments had been sold.

Bemes allegedly provided customers with misleading information about the legal status of the apartments. The company claimed the apartments’ owners would be eligible for red books, or land use rights certificates, that could help lure customers to make advance payments.

However, customers still have not obtained the red books, and land authorities have denied their requests on the grounds of insufficient licencing for the properties.

Source: VNA