Being a part of Vietnam is Awesome project, Danang is Awesome had received over 70,000 views only five days after its premiere. Many Vietnamese people were taken aback by the beauty of their home country that they might neglect. “This video has opened my eyes to Danang’s amazing landscape,” said Hanoian Hoang Giang.

A number of foreigners wrote that they would choose Vietnam as their next destination to see for themselves the picturesque landscapes. 

Vietnam is Awesome is a non-profit project founded by 29-year-old Trieu Dinh Nam. For two years, he had captured incredible images and footages of Danang during his business trips to the city.

One day, he met Phuoc Led, a Danang native who shares his passion for filmmaking and traveling. The two decided to partner up and combine their works into the clip.

Vietnam is Awesome might be the project we want to follow for the rest of our lives,” shared Trieu Dinh Nam. “Vietnam is changing everyday and the next time you visit a place, it would be a very different experience.”

Let’s take a look at Nam and Phuoc’s Danang is Awesome video: