The Supervision Group No. 2 of the National Assembly XIV has just had a meeting with Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung on the implementation of policies and laws on urban planning, management and use since the 2013 Law on Law came into effect until 2018.

Vu Hong Thanh, group leader, who is Chairman of the Economic Committee of the National Assembly, said the group aims to understand the effectiveness of the current policy mechanism, the implementation process as well as difficulties in practice, thereby proposing recommendations to better implement the law.

Law needs revising to ease renovation of Hanoi old apartments


According to report of the City People's Committee, under the provisions of the 2013 Law on Land, Hanoi has established a Steering Committee to implement and issue documents stipulating a number of contents within its competence related to changing land use purpose; land allocation; land leasing; granting land use right certificate; land auction; compensation for land clearance and resettlement.

Through the deployment process, Hanoi identified a number of limitations and difficulties. The most prominent is the overlap, lack of synchronization between laws, such as the Law on Land and Law on Investment, for example, regarding the contents related to investor selection.

Hanoi also proposed some proposals and recommendations to the National Assembly and the Government such as amending some provisions of the Law on Land; study and accelerate the process and procedures for project appraisal to shorten the time for investment preparation and promote investment efficiency.

In addition, the city authorities wants the Government to adjust some contents of the laws and related documents in accordance with the actual development situation of the city; build a special mechanism for building and renovating old apartment projects.

Source: Tien Phong Online