Phu Quoc planned to be special economic zone again

Accordingly, the PM asked the People's Committee of Kien Giang province to formulate a new general plan for developing Phu Quoc island as a special administrative-economic unit (special economic zone) under Document No. 739, dated June 2018. The general plan needs to ensure synchronization and consistency with relevant relevant plans and the provisions of law.

In early August, the Chairman of the Kien Giang People's Committee submitted a written request to the PM stop the development of Phu Quoc island's socio-economic development master plan into a "special economic zone" until the Law on Special Administrative-Economic Units gets approval of the National Assembly. Kien Giang wants to use their local budget to formulate a new master plan on socio-economic development of Phu Quoc island towards becoming an "economic zone".

Earlier, in June 2018, the PM agreed on the policy to allow Kien Giang province to formulate a master plan on socio-economic development of Phu Quoc island and to make a new master plan on developing the island as a special administrative - economic unit. Kien Giang selected and appointed a foreign consultant to make a plan according to the Bidding Law and other regulations.

According to provincial leaders, the National Assembly has not brought the Special Law Project back to the legislative program after postponing the project at the end of 2018. Therefore, the province’s planning has faced problems since they could not identify legality, procedures, planning contents and form an evaluation council.

Source: Vnexpress