Phuc Khang hands over more apartments at Block C of Diamond Lotus Riverside
Customers receive apartments at Block C of Diamond Lotus Riverside.

Local developer the Phuc Khang Corporation has announced the handover of its first apartments to home buyers at Block C of the Diamond Lotus Riverside complex project in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 8, which has been developed by Phuc Khang Mitsubishi Corporation Holding (PKMC), a joint venture between Phuc Khang and the Mitsubishi Corporation.

In the joyful atmosphere of the New Year 2020, Phuc Khang Corporation handed over the first apartments at Block C to the buyers.

The apartments were designed and developed to meet international green standards, with Diamond Lotus Riverside being the first project in Vietnam to operate in line with LEED Certification from the US Green Building Council. The LEED standards are common in 150 countries worldwide.

The first owners of the Riverside Block C apartments, upon receiving the apartments equipped with amenities and standards as committed, thanked Phuc Khang Corporation and its staff members for the development of the green project. Entering the apartment, each customer can feel the beauty and convenience of the apartment with its airy space and eco-friendly equipment.

Phuc Khang hands over more apartments at Block C of Diamond Lotus Riverside
A view of the reception hall at Diamond Lotus Riverside.

The Diamond Lotus Riverside project is considered the “Green Symbol” in Ho Chi Minh City, with its facilities meeting the five-star standards.

Diamond Lotus Riverside is the first joint project of the Phuc Khang Corporation and the Mitsubishi Corporation, blazing the trail for the growth of the green construction under international standards in Vietnam.

Located at 49C Le Quang Kim in HCMC’s District 8, Diamond Lotus Riverside has welcomed over 90% of its customers who have bought the apartments at Blocks A and B, while the finishing touches on Block C have come to an end.

Phuc Khang hands over more apartments at Block C of Diamond Lotus Riverside

In July 2019, a ceremony to inaugurate the cable-stayed bridge connecting Block B and C, the last part of the project, marked the completion of the huge green wall in the city and the next stage for welcoming residents.

Endowed with a 300-meter stretch of the riverbank in the city, 100% of apartments at the project feature a view of the river, making Diamond Lotus Riverside stand apart as the city’s riverside green symbol for all apartment owners.

The highlight of the project is the top floor that links three blocks to create a unique sky garden covering an area of 5,000 square meters. The building is regarded as a huge penthouse full of commercial and entertainment services.

Phuc Khang hands over more apartments at Block C of Diamond Lotus Riverside

Diamond Lotus Riverside is developed with an aim to establish a perfect green ecosystem, from the design step to construction materials. With some prominent characteristics, including energy saving, carbon dioxide reduction and efficient water use, the project is aimed at improving the quality of the environment inside and outside the apartments.

Diamond Lotus Riverside is the building constructed with environmentally friendly materials in accordance with Japan’s philosophy.

On entering the reception area, visitors are impressed by its unique design with wooden partitions and styles of life in riverside areas.

With the simple design and decoration, the reception area and apartments create a wide space and comfortable feeling.

Phuc Khang hands over more apartments at Block C of Diamond Lotus Riverside

To create a green ecosystem and preserve it for the sustainable development to help people enjoy a comfortable life and with the aim to conserve Saigonese residents’ style of living in riverside areas, Diamond Lotus Riverside has been developed to feature beautiful, green and natural landscape.

The project sprawls along the river bank, thereby receiving sunshine, wind and fresh air from Mother Nature, contributing to apartment owners’ good health.

The shape of the lotus flower symbolizing beautiful and pure spirit and mind is used for many parts of the project, including the lighting system.

Earlier, Phuc Khang Corporation as the developer of the green project had put into service Blocks A and B of the project with up to 400 apartments.

Mi Lan