Welcoming press’ leaders were former Deputy Minister of Construction and Chairman of VNREA Mr. Nguyen Tran Nam; former Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee and Permanent Vice Chairman of VNREA Mr. Nguyen Van Khoi; Dr. Phan Huu Thang, former Director of Foreign Investment Agency, Ministry of Planning and Investment, and Vice Chairman of VNREA; Mr. Doan Van Binh, Vice Chairman of VNREA; Mr. Do Viet Chien, former Director of Urban Development Agency, Ministry of Construction, and General Secretary of VNREA, and members of VNREA Standing Committee.

Recently, VNREA has had many contributions to the development of the real estate market. Alongside its activities, the help of news agencies is vital to fully cover the operation of the association and its members.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Tran Nam affirmed that VNREA is honored to welcome news agencies, and that the meeting was organized to acknowledge and appreciate press’ leaders who have accompanied and helped the association in the past time.

VNREA Chairman said that 2018 was the year marking many impressive milestones in the operation of the association. Besides being a long-term partner of private businesses, VNREA has been participating in constructive criticizing the legal mechanism, directing member enterprises to work effectively, legally and connecting with international communities.

Chairman Nguyen Tran Nam shared at the meeting.

Chairman Nguyen Tran Nam shared at the meeting.

Specifically in April 2018, VNREA had many activities that brought great echoes to the community and society, changing the way people look at real estate firms through the Vietnam National Real Estate Awards.

In September 2018, VNREA together with National Association of Realtors (United States) have successfully organized the International Real Estate Conference IREC 2018. Through the event, organizations and businesses have made committment to develop sustainable and green real estate, and not to ignore the poor in the process of economic and housing development. In addition, the event further attracted the attention of worldwide community and increased investment opportunities of domestic companies.

VNREA had also organized a series of seminars on market development orientation and positively proposed changes of policies to the government for a more appropriate and practical legal system. For example, a series of petitions including Item 3, Article 8, Decree 20 on tax calculation has been issued.

Chairman Nguyen Tran Nam shared: “Encouragement and support from news agencies are needed in spreading the association’s activities. This is the force that has brought VNREA’s voice to government agencies. Through this event, the association would like to thank the press and wish them to assess, comment, and even criticize the negatives of the real estate market, of small businesses, in a constructive manner. On the other hand, advocating for fair, genuine businesses. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, on behalf of VNREA, I wish you all good health, good work, and good orientation of your respected newspaper.”

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